1. New addition — Cron 35 ASPH on Flickr.

    I wanted to show how the 35 ASPH complements the M7 very well with the same styling cues and aesthetic. Also wanted to give the M2/M3 advance lever some love, it really makes the M7 a joy to use. The classic wind of my M2 with modern convenience of a electronic step-less shutter.

    Just added this to complete my 35mm range, the amazingly sharp 35mm Summicron ASPH. The cost of these amazing lenses are dropping and what better than to take advantage.

    This is arguably one of the sharpest Leica lenses ever made, and at this size and aperture; that means a lot.

    It’s the first Leica lens I used ever, years ago.. I took it to Chicago and Tennesee and Florida in one go. I guess I was hooked and knew it would be the eventual 35 for me.

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