1. San Francisco, from Alcatraz on Flickr.

    You may of noticed i’ve been quiet over the past week! I had a bad cold, and then went on vacation to San Francisco, while having the bad cold…! But over came that and had a very enjoyable week here in San Francisco. I have plenty of film to develop, 5 rolls of 120 Portra 400, 10 rolls of Fuji Neopan 400.

    I went to Alcatraz Island, saw the Garry Winogrand exhibition at SFMOMA (fantastic show), took tons of photos and enjoyed the sights and sounds. Plenty more in the coming weeks of photos, stories and more.

    This photo is a small pano I took with my RX-100 while being at the top of Alcataraz island. San Francisco looks so small from this view, but it’s such a grand place.

    Can’t wait to see my film photos!

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  12. jenquest said: You’re not the only one. Have you developed them yet? Have you developed them yet? Have you developed them yet? :-)
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  22. tzekomah said: hope you’re doing well, Dave. and i have to agree, san fran is such a beautiful place. my fav place in san fran was the hike up Coit Tower and the view of Bay Bridge from there. Amazing!
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