1. An Epson R-D1 and some Korean take away.

    I had a chance to get an Epson R-D1 again, world’s first digital rangefinder. It’s a really unique and quirky camera, with the top dial being stolen from a Nikon 35 Ti . The body originally is a Voigtlander Bessa R2 which Epson kindly wedged a Nikon D70 sensor into. The result is a culmination of Japanese know-how and quirkiness beyond belief.

    http://davelam.net/photos/gear/_DSC2650.jpgMass confusion! AE comp is part of the manual shutter dial, gauges for Image Quality, Battery, and White balance can be seen. When you turn it on the big needle sweeps to the location of 0-500 showing you how many shots you can you approximately make.

    Never before has everyone ever said, “Hold on exposing a photo is causing my battery needle to fluctuate.” while photographing. Or having to go into menu’s to manually calibrate needles so the gauge works correctly. Even better, there is really a film advance lever, and yes, you have to advance the “shutter” to recock it before shooting the next.

    http://davelam.net/photos/gear/_DSC2653.jpgThey even made the rear LCD flip to hide it, and give you a nifty ISO sticker instead like the film cameras.

    Frames per second? it’s however fast you can crank without jamming it.

    It’s an historic beast of a camera now, only 6.1 megapixels being offered to the table.

    That being said the APS-C sized sensor offering 6.1 megapixels allows it to be used all the way up to 1600 ISO with decent results. More than can be said for some modern-ish cameras with the same sensor.. It isn’t anywhere close to even say, RX-100 or other Compacts these days.

    It’s simply out performed.

    Really bad screen, under 200,000 dots, which is painful in today's terms, yet, decent to check focus and that's all you'd need it for.Really bad screen, under 200,000 dots, which is painful in today’s terms, yet, decent to check focus and that’s all you’d need it for.

    Yet theres a draw to it, the action of using rangefinder camera’s that only a handful of cameras can make claim to.

    It’s fun, that’s what photography is about right?

    For a much more elaborate review of the R-D1:


    Now onto some photo’s..
    These were taken with the Voigtlander Nokton 40mm f1.4 S.C (Single coated) with a custom 3D printed hood I picked up from CRis from analoguerobot.co.uk

    I was patiently waiting for some Korean take away and thought of this whole article..

    Reused cart.Reused cart.





    Expect more to come!

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