Sought in color.

Sought in color.


I, like some photographers like to vary between seeing in black and white and color in phases. Not necessarily a “Let’s turn this image to black and white because my color can’t hold it’s own”, but more of a, “I’m going to take the time and put toward the effort to make the best images with these restrictions I have”. I find this a necessary challenge to break up the monotony of midwest life, particularly one where it’s challenging to be creative at the moment. Since the last post I’ve been a little bit busier with the other aspects of life, but I picked up a nice Rolleiflex 3.5F with 0.7x Mutar that is rarely seen from a friend. I took some time to clean it up and will share another post with results from this setup. This is more of a check-up with my Leica M9 over the past week or so. There is truly something about the color that grabs me, it’s simply outstanding. Even more so than the Leica M8 I might add, which is crazy to say, with the M9 sans UV/IR filter, the color just comes alive. I kind of liken it to the original Canon 5D in color, but better. Plenty of films to develop for the next outing, a roll from the Fujifilm Natura Classica (HP5+ pushed to 800 for NP mode), one from an M7 I borrowed, and Rolleiflex 3.5F with Mutar¬†0.7x.