Finally, a M9.

Finally, a M9.


I’ve been trying to get a Leica M9 forever. The first time I won one on eBay the seller stated the camera was stolen from his vehicle right after I paid. This was a few years back, I won the M9P for $2,600 so yes alarmingly he decided to take advantage and probably sell it out of eBay after getting another offer.

This last time, I won one for $2,100 and messaged the seller right away, asking if he was serious about selling it and that if he would be good for the transaction, I was not going to waste my time if not. He said he would be, and so I sent the funds. Turns out that night I was laid off from my job, and my entire world came crashing in for a bit. A week past and the seller had said he sent it, gave me a tracking number from UPS Sure Post (which is like USPS First Class mail but worse). Turns out the tracking number ended up in the same city as me but delivered to someone else entirely with a different address. More so, I couldn’t get any more information from UPS or USPS about the tracking number or package, meaning it was a scam.

My stomach dropped, not only had I wasted a lot of time with this, but I also had no job, so the added stress was not good. I decided to just let eBay take its course in returning me my funds, and then try to decide what to do later. As it turns out, the same day KEH ran a 15% off $1500+ sale and they had a few M9’s in stock. That brought their “Bargain” M9 down to what I had paid on eBay! and they are a legit seller I’ve purchased many things from them. I decided I might as well end this curse now, of never owning an M9 due to scams, or annoyed sellers. So now I have an M9. I liquidated non-essential gear (this included the Leica M8 I had been using waiting until M9’s came down in price), Graflex XLSW that was good but really too wide for me for the format, and other little things like watches, spare camera bits etc. Really does bring me down to a Hasselblad 500CM, a Leica M9, OM-2n, and a D800e for work.

The images below are my first ones taken with this new-found extra space compared to the APS-H Leica M8. I love it more already. Can’t wait to take more photos. I still use the Summicron 35mm f2 V4 that I bought from Adorama as “Parts” and fixed up (Re: loose assembly, tightened up), with a Leica E39 UV+IR filter, I installed a coded flange on it so the M9 would detect the proper profile.

We were mostly just running errands on this Friday, going up to Cleveland to get our fill of Phở and head on over to Target to see if we could get Laine a new book, oh and Cleveland’s largest attraction; potholes.

I hope to bring to you all more photos soon!