April snow, brings cold days.

April snow, brings cold days.


April brought not a lot of showers, but some snow, intertwined with occasional sleet. Now it’s warming up, to get cooler again. A roller coaster ride. I’ve taken this approach to heart, prepare for whatever. A roll of T-max 400 should do the trick. Developed it in HC-110 dilution B, and I was set. I fixed Bernard’s 503CX’s A12/C12/A24 back’s with new darkslides while leaving the A12 winding issue to be taken care by an actual repairer. The XLSW this month worked good as expected, I picked up a Voigtlander Contameter and subsequently had to dismantle the entire rangefinder assembly to clean and recalibrate it since it was so gummed up.

The uncoated Planar of the 503CX is incredibly sharp, maybe even better than my T*, but of course, I had to challenge it by sticking a shot right into the sun. It’s good to challenge the lens sometimes to risk a shot. An easy month of shooting, in between getting scammed from a Leica M9 (again) and other life occurrences, I’m looking optimistically toward May.

6×9 shots with XLSW, 6×6 with Bernard’s 503CX both loaded with T-Max 400, HC-110 in Dil. B

lamlux_DSC_4033 COPY

lamlux_DSC_4034 COPY

lamlux_DSC_4035 COPY

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