Slice of life, 500CM style.

Slice of life, 500CM style.


24835148851_b52bbbe282_kIt’s been probably forever since I’ve made a post about just the normal bouts of my life. These photos were taken with a Hasselblad 500CM that my good friend Bernard had sold me, and I fixed up a few things (cleaned the lens, fixed the dark slide seal on the back, replaced WLF). This was a second roll through the kit, I’m very pleased. Hasselblads and their Carl Zeiss Planar’s have a unique rendering about them, they aren’t clinically sharp, yet they don’t make you desire more sharpness.

This 500CM is literally a permanent part of the stable, though, other cameras may come and join but be distinctly different for use; like my Graflex XLSW modern. I think I can comfortably say that as I’ve owned a handful of these and every time regret getting rid of them, for other reasons for the lust of other gear or another, the image quality isn’t lacking.

I’ve also decided to include the infamous Hasselblad tick marks on the negative, it’s iconic since it’s in every filter in every app these days, but the real thing is just so much more.

There was a tiny bit of snow, it’s been so hit and miss and just so happens we were out in it as well. Downtown was covered up nicely in a nice layer of it.


Snowy Downtown Cleveland.


Alleyway of an entrance.

On the way back home we stopped at an Asian grocery store we frequent, and strangely there was a pig foot just hanging out on the pavement. I had tried to get a nice candid with a seagull who was investigating but to no avail.

The randomness of life is a huge draw to me in these photos, there isn’t a specific “box” they belong in other than a slice of life.



Last few are from my father in law’s residence, there are plenty of cool old items from past generations, and in a similar vein, and also the randomness that appeals to me.




Spot oiling.



The granularity of Tri-X 400 really works in these I think, there is for sure that almost distinct grain you get. I developed the roll in HC-110 Concentrate, that I’ve had for over 2 years now, in Dilution B and it worked great.

As a bonus there’s also the obligatory sleeping bulldog and my child Laine, really got full spectrum out of this roll!



Well, I hope you enjoyed some of my more casual photos, I’m not so art that I can’t have a little personal intertwined.. 😉