Fujifilm Filmpack, Survey and the future.

Fujifilm Filmpack, Survey and the future.


I'm sure you've run across a dozen articles about Fujifilm killing FP-100C, the online petition following the notice with nearly 20 thousand signatures protesting Fujifilm's ignorance of people's wants. (seen here: https://www.change.org/p/save-instant-film)

I myself was skeptical about the outcry, yes, Fujifilm discontinued a long-serving film product that was actually very specific in its development, and has definitely outlasted the need commercially.

So I ran a poll and with the help of my fellow Twitterer's, I got a glimpse of what we all kind of knew anyway.

The question was simple; how many packs of Fujifilm FP have you purchased in the last year? The poll was originally made to not include those who bought tons of it the minute Fuji announced it was discontinuing it.

The poll ran for 7 days and had 129 participants.

  • 73 people bought less than 5 packs over the course of a year
  • 21 people 5-10 packs
  • 12 people bought 10-15 packs
  • 23 people bought 15+ packs.

In our very small sample, we can basically see a sort of but not really how the market normally responded to the normal stock of FP-100C.

I'm not terribly surprised too, over the past year I had some binge purchases, I bought 10 packs in one month, then settled down and now right before ordering again they discontinued it. Now everyone thinks FP-100C is gold, I've even seen packs costing more than well preserved tested Polaroid 667.

The 20,000 signatures as a singular voice have a great reason, yes, to preserve what we do want. Don't change our methods or materials, unfortunately, though, if we don't buy enough to warrant the mass-production of it, they're not going to make it anymore.

I've no harsh feelings toward Fujifilm and in many regards am very appreciative that they kept the dead medium alive for SO long that I could experience it myself on some of my most important moments, including my wedding.

So in that regard, I'm no longer looking backward at what was, but forward.

Fujifilm Instax Wide is a comparable format, in my opinion, better since all of the chemicals and such stay inside, just like Polaroid. I'm currently undertaking with a friend (@xbleh shoutout, Kevin) an Instax Wide adapting DIY for the Graflex XL series cameras, from then, who knows. It won't be a purchasable kit, but instead a DIY that many of our counterparts seem not to want to post or have some resentment when asked.

Things I'll tell you now that you might suggest; No, we're not using the plastic Lomography adapter, yes it's going to be using an Instax 210 camera probably with the front lobbed off and the board on a switch.

We hope from there it'll inspire others to craft, create, DIY, hell, even make kits, we don't care. We just want the medium to flourish and develop as a community as what Fujifilm Film Packs have done to so many old cameras.