Post-Winter Photo Recap - Leica M8

Post-Winter Photo Recap – Leica M8


It should be said that the re-acquaintance to a Leica M8 was pretty seamless. That's probably how I'd best summarize this group of photos. I used to own one of these, in fact, I've owned about 4 of them at various levels of modification. M8.2, M8u, M8. Each time I wished to keep it but their value was so high, and I had no backup digital for work. Things have changed now, I have a D800e and a 24-120mm f4 Nikkor zoom that solves that, allowing me to finally have a digital M as a "fun" camera.

The winter passed by fairly quickly it seems without much snowfall. The prompt for this post is summarizing a change of winter to a more mellow rainy season. The M8 handled it great of course, colors being not necessarily CMOS-deadly middle-grey but a very interesting and pleasing quality. A key point to mention is the Summicron 35mm f2 V4 which I took apart entirely and cleaned up. If you follow me on Twitter you're probably well aware that it was the hardest lens I've ever worked on. I'm so glad about the results, though, for the price paid that it was a no-brainer. 

For the moment, I'm completely loving the colors of these and probably will keep going. As a predominately black and white shooter, it's good to take breaks from time to time and explore how color contrasts can loosen up or an even narrow down a composition. A different medium altogether also throws some more creativity in he fray.

I'm thinking the spring season will warrant more film, Hasselblad, Graflex XL flat-top (new acquisition!), some 35mm too.